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  • Preferred vendor for nationally renowned infusion therapy providers
  • Trained in the latest clinical breakthroughs in infusion therapy – We understand what you are looking for
  • 100% guaranteed state and national credentialing
  • Proven success placing healthcare professionals in hospitals, home-care, pharmacy and ambulatory clinic settings
  • Impressive, highly-trained pool of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians and clinical pharmacists
  • Committed to you and the patients we collectively serve

Extensive experience working with various specialty therapies and areas including Immunotherapy (IVIg, SCIg), Remicade®, Chemotherapy, Tysabri ®, Enzyme Replacement, Blood Products, Duopa™ (carbidopa/levodopa), Pain Management, Parenteral Nutrition (TPN, PPN), Antibiotics, Wound Therapy, PAH Infusion, Factor Replacement, Hemophilia Patients, Pediatric and Neonatal Patients, Transplant Patients, and more. Our highly qualified nurses are proficient with their peripheral IV insertion skills, and are comfortable with central venous lines, implanted pumps, PICC lines, port-a-caths, subcutaneous, gastric tubes, and have worked with different types of pumps including CADD® Infusion Pumps, Curlin® and Freedom®.

Our highly trained recruiting staff is not only readily available 24/7, but are also trained in the latest clinical breakthroughs in infusion therapy, and have an in-depth understanding of the various treatments, procedures, technologies and regulations.